Why art is important

It is a way to express yourself, it touches your soul, triggers a mood, a feeling. It is also status, always decorative, sometimes an investment. There may be many reasons why art is important to you, but for me as an artist, making art is not an option, but a must, a strong passion. I can’t imagine my life without being an artist. This is what I always wanted and want to do, this has never changed.

I have always been involved in art projects of all kinds, first writing, music, and photography, later on performance, painting and digital art, and now also video art.

Of course the medium is important, but not that important as non-artists might think. One the one hand, the medium determines the artwork, and on the other hand, it is just the medium, and the medium alone – for example a painting on canvas – does not make it art per se.

When I talk about art, I don’t judge. It is not about “good” or “bad” art, but about relevance. Here, the artist and the art lover are confronted with the same questions: What does a piece of art mean to me? Does it connect with me? Or is it an intellectual challenge? Do I like to look at it/touch it/hear it/read it? Does it create new images in my mind?

This list is endless, and why I make and love art, is nothing I can choose. It is just the way it is. And to answer the question: Why is art important? Because it belongs to human life, it is inseparably linked with human existence.

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