Paintings, drawings, photography and other artworks by Judith Marder.


A bigger splash

At the moment, I’m obsessed with painting water. Especially the several variations of turquoise and blue are fascinating for me. This one here is my personal movie poster from A BIGGER SPLASH in acrylic and oil on canvas. It is a work in progress, as you can see the white frame of her sun glasses …

Women in Berlin

Today I have completed two new paintings from the Women in Berlin series. The focus of this series is how to compose paintings that show the complete figure. I will post the images soon, at the moment the series comprises five acrylic paintings on canvas. I have also experimented with oil colors today, fine details …



Judith Marder is a contemporary German artist from Berlin. As a skilled professional, she experiments with classical styles like impressionism and expressionism, but also with pop art, abstract photography, digital art and videos.

Typical for her work is a bright colorfulness and a mostly figurative, edgy style, from portraits and still lifes to landscapes and abstract compositions. She uses all kinds of media – canvas, wood, cardboard, paper, ceramics, magazines, printed materials and many more.

After her studies at the Berlin art school Hochschule der Künste (now UdK), she took part in several group exhibitions in the 1990’s, founded the art-pop punk band The Brittnees, and the graphic design studio mardergraphics, and also worked as editor in chief for several corporate magazines. Today, she earns most of her money as a freelance editor, graphic designer and linguist professional.






Stewardstr. 10
14169 Berlin
judith (at) mardergraphics. com



Most of the images are for sale. Digital art and photos are available in different formats and fine-art prints on several material options.

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