A bigger splash


At the moment, I’m obsessed with painting water. Especially the several variations of turquoise and blue are fascinating for me. This one here is my personal movie poster from A BIGGER SPLASH in acrylic and oil on canvas. It is a work in progress, as you can see the white frame of her sun glasses are still missing. I really love the way the light is reflected in the water, and I can totally understand Hockney’s fascination by Californian swimming pools.

I don’t have no swimming pool in my Berlin backyard, unfortunately, so I’m trying a different approach. I observe the water reflections in a little bowl with a reflecting surface and different light settings. I also use pool pictures from all over the world as reference in combination of what I think a pool looks and “feels” like.

But painting water is not only restricted to pools for me; vases, bottles, and glasses are also interesting. I want to explore how to capture transparency, light, reflection and depth.

I’m working on two more pool pictures at the moment with different approaches. I’m still thinking about the final touch for those two.